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How To Calibrate Flue Gas Analyser

A flue gas analyser is essential for safety in any environment where a combustion appliance, such as a boiler, is in use.

The analyser measures the levels of potentially deadly gasses like carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide to make sure they are at safe levels.

By also measuring oxygen levels, temperature and other parameters, some flue gas analysers can also calculate the efficiency of the appliance.

While most gas analysers come pre-calibrated (some even have a calibration certificate), drift happens over the life of the analyser. So it is important to calibrate the analyser regularly.

The British Standard BS EN: 50379 for flue analysers requires regular calibration as per the manufacturer’s instructions. Read on to learn more on how to calibrate flue gas analyser.

Calibrating a Flue Gas Analyser

Calibrating a Flue Gas Analyser

In most cases, you cannot calibrate a flue gas analyser yourself. Most manufacturers including Testo ask customers to send back the flue gas analyser for calibration.

There are also third party companies that offer flue gas analyser calibration services.

Most manufacturers and third party calibrators offer a 1-3 day turnaround once you send the analyser. Some offer a collection and return service.

Once your flue gas analyser is calibrated, you’ll receive a calibration certificate. Keep this certificate handy as you may need to prove in the future that any measurements you took with the analyser were valid.

The calibration process typically involves exposing the analyser to a known gas mixture. Readings on the display are then adjusted to match those in the gas sample.

Can I Calibrate a Flue Gas Analyser Myself?

If you have the right sample gas and know how to do it, you could probably calibrate the analyser. But most flue gas analysers don’t come with calibration instructions, since it’s expected you are going to send it to the manufacturer for professional calibration.

Another big reason you cannot calibrate a flue gas analyser yourself is that most workplace safety standards require a valid certificate of calibration from a recognised lab or manufacturer.

How Often Does a Flue Gas Analyser Need to Be Calibrated?

Most calibration certificates for flue gas analysers are valid for just one year. So you need to have the analyser calibrated annually.

Using a flue gas analyser with an out of date calibration certificate can put you in a lot of trouble, especially if something bad happens. For instance, an uncalibrated analyser may miss dangerously high levels of carbon monoxide.

In certain stringent work environments, a re-calibration every six months may be required.


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