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How To Choose The Best Blood Glucose Meter?

A blood glucose meter or glucometer is essential for diabetics and anyone who wants to monitor their blood sugar levels. Glucometers require you to draw blood, but modern ones require very little of it and the lancing process is almost painless.

This makes it easy to test your blood sugar frequently.

A glucometer typically comes with everything you need to do a self-test. Some even include a logbook where you record your readings for improved monitoring over time. With others, you can transfer the data to your smartphone or PC for storage and further analysis.

In this buying guide, we review the best blood glucose meters you can order online.

Key Considerations When Buying a Blood Glucose Meter

A. Display

Get a blood glucose meter with a large display that shows readings in big numbers. This makes it easy to read your measurements and is especially important if you plan to test your blood sugar frequently.

If you have visual problems or spend a lot of time in a place with low light levels, look for a glucometer with a backlit screen to make it easier to see the numbers.

B. No. of Strips and Lancets

Virtually all the glucometers you’ll come across include strips and lancets, so you are ready to start self-testing as soon as you receive the glucose meter.

Check how many strips and lancets are included. Most kits have 50 test strips and 50 lancets. These should last you a month or more depending on how often you test your glucose levels.

C. Voice Broadcast

If you have visual problems or you are buying a glucometer for someone who has visual problems, look for one that has voice broadcasts.

A voice will guide you through the testing process and announce the results.

Some blood glucose meters also include a voice or audio alarm to remind you to take a test.

D. Memory

If you don’t want to manually record your daily measurements or you think you might forget to write them down, look for a blood glucose meter with memory.

Some glucometers can store up to 10 readings while other can store up to 200 or more.

Some glucometers go beyond simply storing your test measurements; they also calculate the average value for the last several days, which gives you a better picture of your glucose levels.

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E. Connectivity

An increasing number of personal health devices today have wireless connectivity, usually Bluetooth. These include some glucometers.

The biggest advantage of a Bluetooth-enabled glucometer is that you can see readings on your phone, store an unlimited number of measurements and share your health data with your doctor or a family member.

Some glucometers also allow you to set target glucose levels, set reminders and do further analysis (e.g. average) on the smartphone app.

You can also find a glucometer with a data transfer port that lets you connect the device to a computer. You can then transfer data for storage and further analysis.

F. Strip Ejection

A strip ejection button is a common hygienic feature in most glucometers. It ensures you don’t have to touch the soiled strip after you are done with the test.

Best Blood Glucose Meters: Top 5 Reviews

1. Sinocare Diabetes Test Kit Review


The Sinocare diabetes test kit comes complete with everything you need to carry out blood glucose tests. The kit includes the main device itself, 50 test strips, 50 lancets and a lancing device.

The Sinocare Kit comes with a feature called Safe AQ Voice. It provides voice prompts every step of the way and broadcasts your test results. This is helpful if you or the person you are buying this kit for has visual problem.

If you can see fine, the voice prompts are unnecessary and can get a little annoying. Thankfully, there’s a switch near the battery compartment to turn it off.

Testing your glucose levels is quick and easy. It also less painful compared to most other kits. The lancing device has an improved design that reduces pressure and pain on your skin. You can also adjust the depth of the lancet to ensure it doesn’t draw more blood than necessary.

Once you add blood to the strip, the large display shows your readings in just five seconds. An indicator below the screen will also flash with a certain colour. Indicator colour ranges from red (low glucose levels) to yellow (dangerous glucose levels). Compare the indicator colour to the included chart to see where you stand.

What we like about it:

  • Memory of up to 10 readings.
  • Quick results.
  • Auto strip ejector.
  • No coding or control solution required.

2. QUILLE Blood Glucose Monitor Review


The Quille blood glucose monitor also comes as a complete kit with 50 lancets, 50 test strips, a lancing device and the main testing device.

You can adjust the puncture depth of the lancet depending on your skin thickness and sensitivity. The test requires only 0.6 microlitres of blood so there’s no need to prick your finger deeper than you have to.

You’ll hear an audible alert when you’ve added enough blood to the test strip. The device takes only a few seconds to display your glucose readings on the large LCD display.

One complaint from some customers is that the Quille blood glucose monitor does not work without a control solution, which the seller does not include in the kit. But many users say it works fine even without the solution.

If you are concerned your tests are inaccurate, you can buy the control solution separately.

The Quille blood glucose monitor runs on a single coin cell battery that’s included with the device.

What we like about it:

  • Easy and fast testing.
  • Large display.
  • Complete kit with strips and lancets.

3. Sinocare Diabetes Testing Kit Review


If you want a diabetes monitor that makes it easy to track your blood glucose levels, we recommend the Sinocare diabetes testing kit.

It has a memory of up to 200 readings. But it does more than just store your past glucose measurements. It can also compute the average for the last 7, 14 and 28 days, giving you a clearer picture of how well you are managing your glucose levels.

The code-free monitor displays results in a few seconds after you collect blood. The display is large and easy to see even for people with visual problems.

According to most users, the Sinocare diabetes testing kit doesn’t need calibration. You can test your blood immediately without using a control solution.

You also don’t need to buy strips and lancets, at least in the beginning. The Sinocare kit comes with 50 of each as well as an adjustable lancing device.

What we like about it:

  • Large memory.
  • Calculates historical average.
  • Large and easy to see display.
  • Code-free glucose monitor.

4. GlucoRx Nexus Blue Blood Glucose Monitoring System Review


If you like the idea of recording and tracking your blood glucose measurements on an app, we recommend the GlucoRx Nexus Blue glucometer.

It is Bluetooth-enabled, meaning you can link it to your smartphone. Using the free Android or iOS app, you can see your test history through helpful charts and graphs.

The app also provides a central place for overall diabetes management including exercise, diet and medication.

The device itself is easy to use. It requires very little blood and you can adjust the lancing device depending on your skin thickness.

If you prefer not to connect it to your phone, you can use it on its own. The large display is easy to read even in the dark.The GlucoRx Nexus Blue also has its own memory and can calculate averages for you.

What we like about it:

  • Bluetooth-connected with multifunctional app.
  • Complete kit with strips and lancets.
  • Large and bright display.

5. Metene Blood Glucose Monitor Review


The Metene Blood Glucose Monitor has no Bluetooth or any kind of connectivity. It’s a basic, and slightly cheaper, blood glucose meter.

The Metene glucometer comes as a complete kit with 50 test strips, 50 lancets, a lancing device, a control solution and the device itself. You also get batteries and a carry case.

The carry case makes Metene perfect for frequent travellers. You can carry everything in the case and do a test wherever you are.

The lancing device is easy to use and almost painless. Make sure you adjust the puncture depth to the right level depending in your skin. Once you add a drop of blood to the strip, the screen displays your results in seconds.

The Metene meter has an internal memory, so you can access some of your past results.

What we like about it:

  • Great for on-the-go testing.
  • Easy to use with fast results.
  • Complete kit – even includes a control solution that most kits leave out.
  • Auto-strip ejection maintains hygiene.

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